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How it works

The collecting device is connected to a vehicle, usually a quad or a tractor, by means of an articulating trailer hitch. In addition to connecting the collector to a towing vehicle with the articulating trailer hitch, we also offer, as an alternative, a flat hitch with an opening with a diameter of 12 - 30 mm for connection to a tractor or a small tractor. The recommended towing vehicle power is at least 10 kW depending on the terrain difficulty. Typically, the optimum collection speed is between 10 and 20 km/h.

When dragged along the pasture, the collector uses a transversely positioned shaped blade to pick up horse droppings which are lifted by the device's dynamics and fall or move to the device's collecting section. After filling, the droppings are manually thrown out with a fork or unloaded by dumping over the rear part where extra care must be taken with regard to the weight of the filled device.

The rugged frame design, which is based on shaped square profiles, allows stable movement and following of the trailing vehicle's track even at higher speeds. With the lifting mechanism and the support wheels, the height of the picking blade can be adjusted to the optimum height above the ground and the height of the droppings collection can be adapted to the nature of the grass. When cleaning the pasture, the device is slightly raised in the front and stabilized by the wheels whereas it slides along the longitudinal square profiles at the rear. The collector design also allows reversing, which can be used, for example, when driving to a dung heap.

To transport the device, the connection of the tow bar and the frame can be reinforced by means of a sleeve tube with a lock. Then, the lifting mechanism can be used to extend the wheels under the device, thereby raising the entire collector to the transport position.