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Tips and hints

  1. Assembly:
  • To connect the trailer hitch to the collection basket, use the bottom holes first – the trailer hitch should be led diagonally down to the picking edge
  1. Adjustment:
  • To set the position of the wheels by levers, release the trailer hitch articulation first by partly pulling up and turning the cap lock
  • During the adjustment, stand in front of the collector. Attention – brake the towing vehicle!
  • Both levers should always be moved simultaneously!!!
  • Press slightly towards the machine axis to first unlock the position in the securing rack and then move the levers to the desired position
  • Working position – the levers are directed vertically upwards (4th position from the back)
  • Check tyre inflation
  • The collection blade is lifted by means of wheels to approx. 5 mm above the ground
  1. Droppings collection:
  • During collection, the trailer hitch articulation remains released and the cap lock remains unlocked in the front partly rotated position
  • Usual working speed is 15 – 25 km/h
  • Higher speed is chosen for fresh and wet droppings and lower speed for dry droppings
  • Try to collect the droppings against a slope or on a plain. When driving downhill, move diagonally downwards
  1. Problems
  • The device does not collect correctly, droppings are smeared on the surface – the collecting blade is too high. Check the correct position of the levers in the rack (4th position from the back), or move the collection blade downwards (attached with 3 screws)
  •  The machine is jerking and bouncing – the collection knife is too low. Check the right position of the levers in the rack (4th position from the back) and also inflation of the tyres (with soft tyres, the position can go down by even 10 mm) and move the collection knife down if required
  • The blade position can be checked on a flat surface, working height is approx. 5 mm above ground
  • Beware of stumps and protruding rocks – risk of injury and damage to the collector
  1. Unloading the collector:
  • Manual unloading using a plastic manure fork is recommended
  1. Collection frequency:
  • Recommended once a week
  • Droppings should not be collected immediately after rain, waiting for 1-2 days is recommended
  1. Dung heap location:
  • If the situation allows, establishing a temporary heap always at the boundary of every paddock and spreading the mass as a fertilizer after the compost is mature (approx. 1.5 year) is recommended